Zinnia's are another summer favorite. They are easy to grow and bloom all summer long. With so many things dying this time of year, it's great to have a stunning flower you can rely on. 

I grew these from seed and are the Candy variety. I started the seeds in a seed tray in March. Put them in the ground in April and really didn't see any blooms until July. They are a warm weather flower, so next year I'll wait until May. One they start blooming, they don't stop!

They are also a favorite of butterflies- which is even more of a reason to grow them! Mine grew about 4 feet high, so make sure to plan for that. I actually have them in front of my nasturtium and now I can't even see it. I will fix that for next year. They also come in every color imaginable, I just have a deep pink variety this year.

You also can save the seeds! Let the heads dry on the plant. When dry, snip it off and place it in a paper bag to dry. Given my mold problems with the sunflowers, I punched holes in the paper bag and again, stuck it in my laundry room. Once everything had died off for the season, and the saved blooms are dry, I'll separate the seed from the stem, label and save for next year. 

 Gosh, these are so beautiful! 

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