Straw Bale Update- June 2019

The straw bale garden has been doing wonderfully. Around May it really started to take off.

Rainbow Chard
I use this in salads and smoothies. It doesn't store well, so cut off when you are about to eat

I had tons and tons of cucumbers! These thrived in the straw bales.

I got one great zucchini before it got infested with a vine borer. I didn't catch it until it had killed the entire plant, which was a bummer. But it was growing great until then. 

Kale, Chard and some Lettuces 
These did pretty well. My bales started to deteriorate which caused the plants to fall off the sides which is what ended up killing the kale. Next year I'll make sure they are well in the middle of the bale. Chard (that was in the middle) has definitely done the best. 

Cucumber (above) and Green Beans (below) 
Both did great. The cucumbers were started from seed and transplanted into the bales. 
The green bean seeds were direct sown into the bales. This worked great! 

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