Straw Bale Garden- Oh My Gosh, What IS That?? May 2019

I ran into a slight problem with my bales. Well, I thought it was a problem. I planted a few things and and a few days later my plants had this 'stuff' all over them. And yes, I started to panic.

Upon further inspection, this "stuff" was all over EVERYTHING.

I spent the day driving around to nurseries and asking about this issue. I have to admit, they were not very helpful. In fact, they all seemed to be against straw bale gardening- which basically means they knew nothing about it. 

I found a facebook group and asked my question there, and they were a bit more helpful. 

There are several molds and fungus that start because the bale is wet, the air is humid, and the bale is breaking down. Basically- there is no reason to panic. None of it would harm my plants and it would go away in a few days. 

I'm happy to report that it is exactly what happened. As the air warmed, the fungus dried up and I didn't lose a single plant. It's just the natural way material breaks down. This possibly can be prevented if I'd started the bales later, when it was a bit warmer outside. I will try that next year and see what happens.

So if you start seeing mold and fungus- don't panic! All will be ok in the end.

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