Homemade Weed Killer

I'm not a fan of store bought weed killer. You don't have to do much research to know that these weed killers are in fact killing more than weeds. They have been attributed to cancer, sickness and reductions in all sorts of populations- most significantly bees. 

I'll be flat out honest, I've used it. I used it in 2018 when we moved into a new house and I wanted to get rid of large patch of grass that I was turning into a garden. And yes, I mildly hated myself for it. All I could think about were those poor worms being fried to death when that evil stuff touched their sensitive skin. Ok, I don't know if that's exactly what happens, but it's what I envision to be happening. So while I did use it, I told myself I would try my hardest to never use it again.

Winter passed and spring arrived along with weeds. Ugh. I researched several recipes and finally found something that was cheap, easy and effective. I made it. Used it. And loved it. It's the only thing I've used since. And the ingredients are easy, cheap and won't harm the environment.

Epsom Salt
White Vinegar
dash of Dishwashing Liquid 

I bought a large spray container for easier application, but that's just me. (It was $10 at Walmart.) 

Pour the gallon of vinegar into your container. Add 2 cups of epsom salt and squirt a good tablespoon of dishwashing liquid. Swish your container around to mix it really well and spray where needed. 

That's all there is to it. 

Be careful where you spray because it will kill anything it touches. (Which means don't spray on the plants you actually like!) It works pretty quickly. You will notice a difference in just a few hours but the next day it will be quite obvious. 

Yes, you do have to reapply this a bit more than the store-bought ones. Those are genetically modified to kill everything in the soil. This recipe will just kill the top part of the plant and a little into the root. I'm ok with that. Every little thing we do to help our earth helps in a some sort of way.


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